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RVZ LAW works closely with small-to-medium sized businesses for all legal issues, as well as individual creators for a variety of issues, including the licensing, management or publication of their creations.

The prospect of needing a lawyer should not be faced with dread.  RVZ LAW was created with the philosophy that counsel can be a trusted advisor. A collaborator in the process of solving the problems that face anyone creating something new: be that a new company, a new product or service, a new game, or a new work of art. RVZ LAW is based on providing sound legal advice that reflects a client's business needs and goals.

Thoughtful advice and counseling to prepare for a variety of situations that you may have to weather.  


Areas of Law

Small-to-Medium Business Legal Issues
Incorporation and Formation of a Business
Licensing Agreements
Sales and Service Transactions
Privacy and Data Security
Contest and Sweepstakes
Video Games and Interactive Media
Arbitration and Mediation

RVZ LAW can help answer questions and provide assistance from the early days of starting a business or the effort involved in bringing any idea to fruition.  The firm can be a partner with you from the formation of your business, through the negotiations and successful closure of any major deal as well as being there in the event there are any rough patches during the journey to that success. 

RVZ LAW brings in-depth experience in the technology, new media, and publishing industries. The firm has extensive experience with handling licensing of properties for media projects (such as video game deals or video projects), a solid background in working with developers and creatives on issues related to data collection, transfer, and security, and a proven ability to work alongside a business to assist with closing deals.

Entrepreneurs and creatives can rely on RVZ LAW for any "day-to-day" legal questions or needs and to be there for any "crisis" situation that might arise.

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